New video: Advice for going gluten free

I see a lot of newly diagnosed coeliacs, or newly gluten free, asking the same sorts of questions on facebook support groups. There’s so much conflicting information everywhere and I imagine it must be hard to sift through or even know where to start.

So I thought I would do a video, with some of the FAQ’s useful to people new to gluten free. I hope it’s useful for you.




Genius Spicy Fruit Loaf


I recently bought this Spicy Fruit Loaf from Genius. I have had it toasted with butter, and with peanut butter. I like the taste and it has a good amount of fruit in. Would buy again!

Gourmet Burger Kitchen – Gluten Free Menu

Having heard about GBK’s new gluten free bun I couldn’t wait to try it, I haven’t had a proper burger for years! So me and my friends went to the Bluewater GBK, as we arrived and asked for a table I asked our waiter if he has a gluten free menu. Not only did he know what it was straight away but he took one from the pile next to the normal menus, no going to the back office to find the one menu!


I went for the Halloumi Bites, and the Avocado Bacon Beef Burger with a corn on the cob. The chips are currently not gluten free as they are cooked in the same oil as onion rings. The Halloumi bites were lovely (I forgot to take a picture) with a spicy kiwi dip, which was interesting and really nice but a bit too spicy for me to have much. You can choose how the burger is cooked, I went for well done.



I honestly really enjoyed it, the bun was nice. It looks different than the gluten buns which is good and makes me feel at ease. It did break up a bit but it didn’t fall apart and didn’t bother me, the whole burger was pretty messy to eat either way! The avocado and bacon were both really nice and the burger was cooked just how I like it, the corn was lovely too. I didn’t miss the chips, I was so full up after the burger. My friends all had their skinny chips which were very skinny and weren’t that impressed so I didn’t feel I was missing out.

The price was good, the service was quick and I believe they do take away too.

I will be going back and trying more ‘flavours’. It’s great to have so much choice, even though they are all burgers! I loved it.


Allergy and Free From Show 2013

ImageEarlier this month I attended the Allergy and Free From show in London with my friend Rachel (she’s not gluten free but I like to think of her as a Coeliac Sympathiser). I wasn’t sure what to expect as I hadn’t been before, but I really enjoyed it. I noticed that gluten free really dominated the show, which is fine for me as I am just gluten free, but it was also good to see other food intolerances and allergies being represented, always good to learn about these things. I think my favourite part of the show was the free tasters, so weird to be able to pick things up from any stall and eat it! Everything I tasted was lovely, and although I tasted them in a strange order of sweet and savoury all mixed up, it was sooo good! Click ‘continue reading’ below to see some of the stalls and vendors I liked-

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My Coeliac Diagnosis Story


This week is Coeliac UK Awareness Week, raising awareness of the condition to try and get more people diagnosed as left untreated Coeliac Disease can have serious effects. The symptoms are many and varied and can be tested with a blood test. To find out more visit the Coeliac UK website.

I am going to do my part by sharing my diagnosis story, as it has been really interesting to read others.

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