New look for this blog

Some of you who have followed me previously may be wondering where this blog has popped up from. I realised I hadn’t warned about or explained any changes, so let me take this opportunity to do that.

I had this blog a few years ago and it was called The Coeliac Times. However I stopped posting for some reason or another and the blog got neglected. This year I decided to start a new blog, the Gluten Free Cat Lady, with much more of a focus on video content. However, I didn’t want to lose previous posts I had written, so I decided to instead rebrand and rename this existing wordpress blog.

So here I am, Josie the Gluten Free Cat Lady! Hoping to upload a video to YouTube every Tuesday, and a blog post here every Friday. I will of course post the videos here too, but if you have a youtube account it would be amazing if you could subscribe to my channel.

You can also follow me on social media. Twitter @gfcatlady, Instagram @glutenfreecatlady and Follow my blog with Bloglovin

To go along with the new name I needed a new look. Luckily I have a creative brother who was happy to turn my vague idea of using emojis as a logo into something slick and professional looking! Thanks bro.