Latitude Festival- Gluten Free Options

latitude-festival-dyed-painted-sheepI have been to Latitude Festival for the last 2 years and am going again this year. I find it very difficult to find gluten free foods to eat and it is difficult to see the menu’s or ask the stall owners due to the crowds and long queues. So I decided to do a bit of research this year before I go. I managed to find out a list of the food vendors from the catering bookers. I’m surprised at how much I have found so I am sharing this below.

Click ‘continue reading’ to see the food vendors.

Stalls to try

Hurly Burly
This is a venue in itself, a tent with live entertainment as well as offering food. No specifics here but they say that the ‘Gourmet Vegetarian Food’ is prepared onsite with natural and raw ingredients and served ‘canteen style’ so I assume it could be OK. One to chat to.

Kebabylon/ Fire in the Hole/ Pizza to the People
I think these are run by the same company, website suggests they offer gluten free options. I commented on Pizza for the People’s facebook to ask (I know pizza is usually a nogo but they suggest on their website they do a gf pizza) well their reply was ‘Defo hope your coming cose the sun is gonna shine’ Well… that doesn’t answer my question, unless the ‘defo’ was the answer! I think I will just go and browse their menus while I’m there.

Salad Days
They list on their menu what is gluten free (although they label some salads as gf, which has cous-cous in so I suppose you have to ask for it without!) Worth a look while I’m there, would be nice to have something healthy!

Flaming Cactus
Mexican Food- Looks like the nachos or maybe the chili would be gf. I have emailed them and will update if they get back to me.

Coffee and Cake
I can’t find a website for them, the name is quite hard to search for. I’m almost certain this is the place that do a really lovely lemon and polenta GF cupcake with icing! Last year they also did something else gf, I really can’t remember, it was a cherry slice or something. Definitely worth a look, always a queue but just go up to browse in the display cases, it will say it on the front and the menu.

Honest Carrot
‘Really Good Vegetarian Food’ – their site doesn’t say what they offer at festivals but they online shop has a gluten free section with things like falafels and carrot burgers. Photos on their site suggest they do curry’s etc. Worth asking them. 

Peckish Peacock
Indian food- Facebook states their pakoras are wheat, dairy and gluten free, but not sure about their curry. I have emailed them and will update if they get back to me.

Risotto 2 Go
Found their facebook, which has pictures showing their stall. They do a chicken and pea risotto and a mushroom risotto, both labelled gluten and dairy free. I love a good risotto!

Mr Kettle
I believe this is a popcorn stand. Doesn’t have specific info but I see no reason it wouldn’t be GF! Sounds like a nice idea for a snack when you don’t want a whole meal!

Masala Monkeys
Indian food, their website says they cater for gluten free and other diets. I emailed them and their reply was that all the food is gluten free apart from naan breads and samosas.

Can’t find a website for this with such a vague name! But might be worth checking it out falafel can be gluten free.

Not so good

Community Kitchen
Mainly flatbread wraps- so probably a no go.

Noodle City
Chinese/Burmese food- unlikely to be GF I would think.

Highland Hog Roast
I assume not just because they are all served in rolls

Buffalo Farm
Buffalo meat. Their Facebook suggests this would be in the form of burgers, sausages and pies so I am going to assume not gluten free.

Some other vendors which I can’t find information on are:
Yum Tum
Tapas Patatas
Eat Thai
Food from Argyll

I’m sure there will be more than this as from memory they have multiple burger, chinese, pizza places as well as doughnut stands, milkshake stands as well but it’s a start!

Latitude have a price list for the food that will be available if you need to budget beforehand, or see what is on offer.

I hope anyone else going has found this useful, I will take some photos of what I find when there and update again!

These food vendors travel quite a few of the festivals so it should be helpful for other festivals too 🙂

Have also found out that Genius Gluten Free will be there on their Perfect Toast Tour.


2 thoughts on “Latitude Festival- Gluten Free Options

  1. Thank you!!!!!! This information means that my child can eat when we are at Latitude – such a massive relief – i expect we will see you at the Genius stand

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