Latitude Gluten Free- The Genius Perfect Toast Tour

ImageHaving a look at the Latitude site map I noticed a familiar logo, that of Genius Gluten Free Bread! It turns out that Genius are taking their bread around the UK this summer on their Perfect Toast tour, and they will be at Latitude! I assume handing out FREE gluten free toast, to me, every day 🙂


Latitude Festival- Gluten Free Options

latitude-festival-dyed-painted-sheepI have been to Latitude Festival for the last 2 years and am going again this year. I find it very difficult to find gluten free foods to eat and it is difficult to see the menu’s or ask the stall owners due to the crowds and long queues. So I decided to do a bit of research this year before I go. I managed to find out a list of the food vendors from the catering bookers. I’m surprised at how much I have found so I am sharing this below.

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Pizza Hut- The Return

ImageSo as you can tell from my previous post, I was less than impressed with Pizza Hut. The general gist was that I went into my local Pizza Hut and they told me that they didn’t do the square GF base because they have a small menu. I was told by the head office that it was because they work off the delivery menu- strange as I had successfully ordered a GF pizza from them before for collection (back in the day when they didn’t deliver those bases and couldn’t explain to me why!)

Anyway, my friends love Pizza Hut and the other day they were getting a take away so I decided to try again and guess what?! They delivered me a GF pizza! They have it on their online delivery menu, which they always did, which is what I tried to tell them! So frustrating.

Anyway, I went for a Texan BBQ Chicken. It says on their website that all toppings are gluten free including the barbecue sauce, but NOT their barbecue dip! It was very tasty and very greasy but nice! I have also tried their Chicken Supreme and Vegetable Supreme and they are very nice. I just think they need to sort themselves out a bit!

Caffè Nero- Chicken and Pesto roll


Really like this gluten free chicken salad and pesto Genius seeded roll from Caffè Nero! Maybe my favourite shop bought sandwich so far. It is £3.50 compared to the £2.95 ‘normal’ sandwiches which is a bit disappointing. I know gf bread costs more but I can’t imagine any sandwich costs more than about 50p to make so I’m sure it doesn’t need to!

I also like the Starbucks and Sainsbury ones. Waitrose used to do sandwiches but they seem to have disappeared from the one near me. I think the only one I haven’t liked is Marks and Spencers, I just for some reason really don’t like the taste or texture of their bread. (I tried one quite a while ago so I’m not sure if it’s changed)