Allergy and Free From Show 2013

ImageEarlier this month I attended the Allergy and Free From show in London with my friend Rachel (she’s not gluten free but I like to think of her as a Coeliac Sympathiser). I wasn’t sure what to expect as I hadn’t been before, but I really enjoyed it. I noticed that gluten free really dominated the show, which is fine for me as I am just gluten free, but it was also good to see other food intolerances and allergies being represented, always good to learn about these things. I think my favourite part of the show was the free tasters, so weird to be able to pick things up from any stall and eat it! Everything I tasted was lovely, and although I tasted them in a strange order of sweet and savoury all mixed up, it was sooo good! Click ‘continue reading’ below to see some of the stalls and vendors I liked-

Udi’s Gluten Free– large stall as I came into the show, the first tasters I tested! I can’t seem to find much information about UK selling at the moment I think they are big in America but I am very interested in their breakfast bars and granola when it becomes available!

Perkier– I had already tried their porridges which come in three different flavours which makes porridge a bit more interesting! Honestly the cinnamon and apple one is a bit too strong for me but I like the berries one (I buy these in my local Tesco). At their stall I saw some very yummy looking treats and bought Rocky Roads and Popping Tiffin. Both so gorgeous hmm I want them now!

Knead Bakery– They do Gluten, Dairy, Yeast, sugar free foods! I tried their brownie and their biscuits and they were very nice.

BFree– This stall was mainly just selling LOTS of packs of round wraps. I could tell I was in a room of coeliacs when everyone was walking past exclaiming “ROUND wraps!” haha but they are nice, not as soft as the Newburn bakehouse ones, but with 6 in a pack I got 2 for £5, much better value than the pack of 3 for £3.10 Newburn in Tesco. I keep wraps in the freezer and take out as needed, just to make them last longer!

Ilumi– This brand do nut, gluten and milk free ready meals. They gave me us free testers I went for a chickpea curry, and my friend tried the chicken cacciatore, both very nice and they gave us each a freebie meal, of which I kept both 😉

Byron Bay cookies– I practically ran to this stall to get a free taste of the mini triple chocolate fudge cookies. Possibly my favourite thing ever? So soft and they just stick your mouth together and I LOVE them! Used to get them from Sainsbury’s but haven’t seen them for a long while. Their other cookies look delicious too

Asda– Asda do a good range and were advertising that they are bring lots more in this year. I had a nice taste of the pizza which was lovely and I took a jam tart too… I’ve had these many times but they are lovely!

Newburn Bakehouse– Love their wraps and muffins! Just bought out new seeded wraps and baguettes . Great to see a mainstream bakery (Warburtons) doing GF

Goodness Direct– a great place to buy all this

If you live in or near Liverpool, there will be an Allergy and Free From show there in October!


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