Allergy and Free From Show 2013

ImageEarlier this month I attended the Allergy and Free From show in London with my friend Rachel (she’s not gluten free but I like to think of her as a Coeliac Sympathiser). I wasn’t sure what to expect as I hadn’t been before, but I really enjoyed it. I noticed that gluten free really dominated the show, which is fine for me as I am just gluten free, but it was also good to see other food intolerances and allergies being represented, always good to learn about these things. I think my favourite part of the show was the free tasters, so weird to be able to pick things up from any stall and eat it! Everything I tasted was lovely, and although I tasted them in a strange order of sweet and savoury all mixed up, it was sooo good! Click ‘continue reading’ below to see some of the stalls and vendors I liked-

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