Gluten Free Cornwall! Day two: St. Ives

We visited St Michaels Mount in the morning but didn’t get any food there, for lunch we went to St Ives.

I found online a nice looking cafe that did gluten free sandwiches called Café Mundo, but when we got to the address it was no longer there 😦 Instead we found another cafe that said they did gluten free scones, but when we went in they said they had no scones left but had chocolate or lemon and polenta cake. I went for the lemon, but after forgetting to bring it out to me for quite a while, I wished I’d gone for the chocolate! It was quite dry and not very flavourful. Luckily my friend had some clotted cream left from her cream tea so I spread that on the top! Slightly disappointing compared to the Cream Tea I had the day before but still nice to be able to get something. It was called Madeleines.



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