Gluten Free Cornwall! Day three: Eden Project

Visiting the Eden project I had seen online that they offered gluten free options in ‘The Bakery’, which is the main large canteen area. However when we got there everything was labelled ‘Low Gluten’ after asking what this meant they explained there was no gluten ingredients but it was all made in the same area so they couldn’t guarantee gluten free. There was a vegetable frittata, for £6, and also a soup that said low gluten which was a vegetable and pearl barley. I’m no expert but I know normal barley is not gluten free so this lowered my confidence in them. They also offered a ‘low gluten’ chocolate cherry and bean cake. We decided to visit the paella restaurant in the Mediterranean biome to ask there but apparently this isn’t open yet! In the end we decided just to go somewhere locally to get lunch, and ended up in a Wetherspoons in nearby St Austell!

Slightly disappointing for food, but at least they tried! A really lovely place to visit though!



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