Gluten Free Cornwall! Day one: Newquay

Last weekend I visited Cornwall with 3 of my friends for a ‘mini-break’!

We stayed in a hotel in Newquay called Sandy Lodge Hotel, we got a deal on Travelzoo for 3 nights stay with breakfast and three course dinners for £99. I think the hotel is usually just coach trips of the er… older generation. We felt a bit out of place but everyone was very friendly and we enjoyed the bingo!

On the first day we got there at about half 12, so wandered into Newquay to look around. A quick Google told me that there was a café that did Gluten Free cream tea. It was very exciting, and it tasted amazing!! This is at the Coast Café.


rainmacnsunniesIn the evening for dinner the hotel were very knowledgeable about what was gluten free but didn’t offer any extras such as bread, they just helped me to avoid the things I couldn’t have. Every day the starters included a soup, a small glass of fruit juice (!) or something else which one day was a boiled egg with mayonnaise on top! They told me I could have any soup apart from tomato so I had the vegetable soup on the first night and the other nights I had fruit juice. Everyone else had a bread roll for their starter but obviously I couldn‘t eat mine.


The only main meals I could eat was the roast every night which wasn’t very exciting, but at least the gravy was gluten free, and for desert each night I had…. fruit salad!

However we did go to ‘Chy Bar’ in the evening where we had cocktails in pickle jars! I went for a Key West Koola, which I believe was melon liqueur, peach schnapps, vodka with orange and cranberry juice!


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