Gluten Free Cornwall! Day four: Padstow

SteinsfishnchipsThe plan for our last day was to visit Padstow where we planned to visit Rick Stein’s Fish and Chip shop as I found online that they did gluten free batter. I had never eaten fish and chips before, in fact apart from some tinned tuna about 10 years ago I had never eaten fish before! I went for the Cod Bites in gluten free batter with chips. They knew what I was asking for and when they brought the food over they held it out and said ‘the Gluten Free cod bites’. I very much appreciate it when they do this in restaurants it increases my confidence in them! I quite enjoyed the fish, and it was great to be able to enjoy the fish and chips experience!


fudgesPadstow was a really pretty town. We went to a fudge shop called Buttermilk where their packaged fudge said Gluten Free on the back. They had some lovely fudge, loads of varieties out for you to choose from, although as they cut this at the front of the shop on the same board with the same knife there were probably some cross contamination issues. However, I did go for some of it, I went before my friend who was getting fudge with biscuit in so I am hoping it will be OK! I chose peanut butter fudge, death by chocolate fudge and chocolate orange fudge! Yum!


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