La Tasca

ImageOne of my favourite places to eat lately is La Tasca, a UK Spanish tapas restaurant chain.

They clearly mark their menu both online and in the restaurant with which items are gluten free.

Check it out here

I have been there twice since they added more items to the menu including 2 deserts.

What I have eaten (and I recommend them all!)

PAELLA VERDURAS- Seasonal Vegetable Paella, you can order this for one or two people.

A FESTIVAL OF MUSHROOMS- Mushrooms in garlic butter and white wine

‘SALSA’ CHICKEN WINGS- Spicy chicken wings

POLLO CON SALSA- Chicken cooked in a mushroom and sherry sauce

There are so many options I need to go again to try them all. On their menu they also have ready made selections of tapas if you aren’t sure what to choose, they have a Gluten Free Tapas Selection.


There is a Chocolate Fondant, which I assume is like the ones in Italian restaurants like Zizzi, so although I do love that I went for their Chocolate and Toffee Tart which was very nice, it had a very thin layer of gluten free pastry, and a chocolatey filling, served with a strawberry. It was nice to have something new! They also have ice creams and sorbets.

The best thing is you can order a loyalty card for free on the website and then you get 20% off your food every time you go!


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